Certified Welding.

Creative Fabrication. ​Custom Metal Handrails

YoUR Friendly neighborhood welder, establish​ed 2020


Our Services

Certified Welder

Certified welding repairs on site or in ​shop. We provide MIG, TIG, and Stick ​welding for carbon steel, aluminum, and ​stainless steel.

Metal Fabrication

Bring your ideas and designs and let us ​help you bring them to life. Past projects ​include a pickup to flatbed conversion, ​kitchen carts, steel cross art, and more.

Custom Metal Handrails

Custom steel or aluminum railings for ​indoors or out (staircases, walkways, ​porches, decks, etc.). Painted or ​powder-coated.

Custom Metal Handrails (Interior)

Custom Metal Handrails (Exterior)


Example: Rusted Pickup ​Tr​uck Turned Flatbed

More Completed ​Projects:

Trailer repairs, snow blower repairs, snow plow repais, railing ​repairs. Custom kitchen carts, metal table bases, fabrication ​fixtures, small manufacturing orders, and more.

Meet the Owner

Hi, I’m Ray. I learned to weld with my grandfather in ​Mexico when I was 13 just years old. Fast forward to ​life in Minnesota, and it’s become my passion and ​career.

I started Fab Metals in 2020 as a way to add income ​for our family, not knowing that a busy road of custom ​handrails and metal work would come my way.

I enjoy problem-solving, creating, and bringing ​customers’ ideas to life. I’d love to talk more about ​your project ideas. Feel free to text or call me any ​time!


Let’s talk about ​your next metal ​project.

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